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Emotional constipation

Hi friends

I’m a little late with this update. I usually write and post them on Mondays but yesterday I was traveling all day to go visit my family and friends in Denmark, where I’ll stay for the next couple of weeks. Without further delay, here’s my Fitbit update from the past week:

Monday: 15,950 steps

Tuesday: 9,662 steps

Wednesday: 3,257 steps

Thursday: 7,000 steps

Friday: 2,837 steps

Saturday: 5,862 steps

Sunday: 6,440 steps

Total number of steps this week: 51,008

Total distance walked: 36.53 km

I’ve been feeling bummed out for most of this week. I was feeling just fine Monday and most of Tuesday but Tuesday evening I suddenly started to feel really sad and irritated and the feeling lingered until Sunday. I’m not sure what it is but I feel like I could use a good cry. I usually feel much lighter after one of those. I think I’ll watch a sad movie during this week to jump start the process. That usually helps when I’m feeling emotionally constipated like I do right now. I’ve found this list of sad movies to pick from. If you know a sad movie that you’ll recommend, I’d love to hear about it.

I started feeling some knee pain Tuesday while walking on the treadmill. I have this habit of walking really fast and overstretching my knees and I think that’s what triggered the pain. As I’ve earlier had trouble with my knees, I took it easy with the walking for the next couple of days and fortunately my knees feel fine again now. I will try to generally walk a bit slower so that it won’t happen again.    

This week I’ve continued to binge-watch “Suits” and I’m now in season 3. Like last week, I’m still listening to the “Budgets and Cents” podcast. I’ve already listened to all the episodes once but they are good enough that I enjoy listening to them again. There’s just something comforting about Cait and Carries conversations and comforting things has been exactly what I needed this past week.

This is all from me for now. Now I’ll go make myself a cup of tea and watch an episode of Suits.

Until next time: Take care.


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