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Fitbit update, week 6


Here’s another freshly prepared step update covering the last week from me to you:

Monday: 7,871 steps

Tuesday: 14,067 steps

Wednesday: 7,740 steps

Thursday: 8,830 steps

Friday: 7,309 steps

Saturday: 8,393 steps

Sunday: 34 steps

Total number of steps this week: 54,244

Total distance walked: 39.43 km

I’ve done something unexpected this past week: I’ve joined a gym. This is not something I had expected to do while living here in this beautiful city of Paris. Charming little streets and beautiful monuments is all around me as soon as I step out my door, and my intention until now has been that I would utilize the city as my gym by going out for long walks every day. However, good intentions aren’t always enough and lately I’ve been finding myself holing up inside our apartment most of the time and feeling more and more isolated and inactive. And while I really enjoy the comfort of my home, staying within the same 25 square meters all day long several days in a row while trying to muster the motivation to write on my PhD thesis was beginning to mentally wear on me. So after yet another blah week and a conversation about it all with Mr. Magic, the gym idea was born, and before the end of the day I had bought myself a membership.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve joined a gym and God knows how many money I’ve wasted on membership plans in gyms that I’ve ended up not visiting more than once or twice a month. So why fool myself into thinking that it will be any different this time around? Well, the truth is that maybe it won’t. Maybe the motivation I’m experiencing right now will wear off soon and I’ll yet again have wasted a lot of money and be angry with myself for not following through with my plan.

However, this last week has been the best one since I moved to Paris. I’ve been feeling uplifted and energized during the day as opposed to feeling like being in a slump, which is how I’ve felt since the middle of January. I suspect the gym membership has a lot to do with that. In this first week I’ve been going every day Monday through Friday and my trick for getting myself down there is to bring my iPad and watch an episode of my favorite TV show while I walk on the treadmill. Right now I’m really into “Suits”, which is a show about lawyers in New York City. Each episode lasts around 45 minutes and in that amount of time I usually manage to walk almost 7,500 steps without even noticing it because I’m all caught up watching the show. Some days I’ll do a short strength training routine after walking on the treadmill, other days I won’t. The most important thing right now is just that I get myself go on a regular basis in order to create a new habit and some much-needed structure in my day, and so far this new activity has been a really positive addition to my life. 

Although I’ve watched quite a few episodes of “Suits” this week I’ve also found time to listen to podcasts. Again this week I’ve been enjoying “Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antionette”. I’ve also had a good time listening to “Budgets and Cents”, which is a podcast about personal finance and the lifestyle of being a freelancer. It is hosted by Cait Flanders, who owns the blog, and her friend Carrie Smith. The thing I really enjoy about this podcast is that it gives me a feeling of being in the company of good girlfriends while getting a lot of good inspiration about money and the freedom it can bring if handled wisely. I definitely recommend that you go check it out if you’re interested in these topics.

That’s all for now. Until next time: Take good care of yourself.


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