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Fitbit update, week 5


Monday is upon us again and here’s a summary of my activity levels during the week that has just past:

Monday: 2,941 steps
Tuesday: 4,249 steps
Wednesday: 9,616 steps
Thursday: 9,630 steps
Friday: 7,106 steps
Saturday: 7,605 steps
Sunday: 7,010 steps

Total number of steps this week: 48,157
Total distance walked: 34.41 km

Lesson learned this week: Sometimes I get this irritated feeling inside where I can’t figure out what I feel like doing and find myself getting annoyed over tiny things. I’ve never really known how to define this feeling, but I’ve now learned that it’s restlessness and that it surfaces when I have a surplus of energy that is not being canalized into anything. I felt this restlessness yesterday and instead of staying inside on the couch with Mr. Magic and feeling grumpy like I would usually do, I went outside for a walk. I spend a good 45 minutes exploring my neighborhood while taking pictures and talking on the phone, which worked wonders for my mood, and I felt so much better and more relaxed when I returned home. I will definitely get up and get moving again next time I feel this way.

This week I’ve been intrigued with the podcast “Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antionette”. In this podcast the host, Nicole Antionette, interviews different people on various topics in a really down-to-earth way. What I really enjoy about this podcast is that she manages to create a connection to her guests that allows them to relax and open up, which results in some really deep and interesting conversations. This podcast reminds me about the fact that we all have our obstacles in life and that, being humans, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to living a real life with its never-ending sequence of ups and down. And I find this to be a very reassuring and uplifting reminder.

Until next time: Feel well.


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