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Fitbit update, week 4


Another Monday has arrived and it’s yet again time for me to look at my activity levels of the week that has passed. I’ve chosen to just show the number of steps each day and leave out all the details, as I felt myself starting to use a lot of mental bandwith noting down each and every source of my steps during the day. By doing it this way instead, I’m hoping to free up energy to start writing more about other topics that interest me.

This week we moved out from our college room an into an apartment and so the week has been mostly filled with lugging stuff around and making ourselves feel at home at our new place. Here’s how this looked from my Fitbit’s point of view:

Monday: 8,626 steps
Tuesday: 12,741 steps
Wednesday: 13,188 steps
Thursday: 5,401 steps
Friday: 5,826 steps
Saturday: 6,298 steps
Sunday: 8,738 steps

Total number of steps this week: 60,818
Total distance walked: 43.31 km

This short summary clearly reflects the fact that after moving (Tuesday and Wednesday) I’ve spend most of my time inside in our new apartment. I have this weird thing where every time I move to a new place I feel extremely self conscious for the first couple of weeks whenever I go outside. At some point I get used to living in the new place and start to relax, but I always have to go through the other phase first. I’m not quite sure what’s going on. The best way I can describe it is like a fear of not fitting in with my new surroundings. It has nothing to do with how I feel about the new place. I’m thrilled with our apartment and our new neighborhood, but the feeling is still there and the only way to change it is to go outside and get to know the area. I will make sure to do that in the coming week.

Again this week, the podcast “A Sustainable Mind” is what have been on my podcast player. I love the topics and conversations in this podcast and listening to it really makes me want to continue to explore how I myself can live in a more sustainable way than I do right now.

Lesson learned this week: I’ve discovered that it helps to go for a walk whenever I’m feeling tired and unfocused during the day. However, it works best if I get myself out the door before I reach the point where I become too tired and zombie-like.

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