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Fitbit update, week 3

Hello out there

Here’s an update from my third week wearing my Fitbit. I write an update like this every Monday, where I look back on the past week’s activity levels. Evaluating my weeks this way enables me to analyse my own behavior a bit closer than usual and learn what works for me and what doesn’t when trying to create new habits for myself. The intention with this particular “walking diary” is to create a walking habit that will stick.   

Monday: Walked to the grocery store and took a couple of short detours along the way: 6,100 steps. An early evening walk earned me 4,100 steps, and a trip to the basement with the trash another 500 steps. Total number of steps: 10,792

Tuesday: A short walk in the park: 2,287 steps. An evening trip to the grill bar across the road amounted to another 2,197 steps. Total number of steps: 4,484

Wednesday: Walked to the grocery store and got a little lost in some small streets along the way: 6,165 steps. Taking the trash to the basement and circling around a bit in the hallways of our building afterwards added another 776 steps. Finally, a walk in the park combined with a trip to the nearby grocery store added the last 3,445 steps of the day. Total number of steps: 10,526

Thursday: An afternoon walk: 4,801 steps. Total number of steps: 4,944

Friday: Took my camera out for a walk and managed to reach 6,571 steps while taking pictures (among others, the one in the top of this post). A second walk while talking to a girlfriend on the phone later in the day added another 5,532 steps, and a trash run to the basement 559 steps. Total number of steps: 12,788

Saturday: Walked with Mr. Magic to his gym and went grocery shopping afterwards: 6,607 steps. In the evening, a trip to a restaurant gained me an extra 4,353 steps. Total number of steps: 10,960

Sunday: Mr. Magic and I spent the first half of the Sunday moving our belongings from our college room to a temporary storage room where they can sit until we get the keys to our new apartment on Wednesday. This resulted in 5,880 steps. A trip to the neighborhood grill bar added another 1,384 steps. Total number of steps: 7,264.

Total number of steps this week: 62,244

Total distance walked: 44.56 km

Lesson learned this week: If I go for my first walk after breakfast right instead of waiting until later in the day, I’m much more inclined to go out again later in the day and reach my 10,000 steps.

This week I’ve kept myself entertained on my walks by listening to the “Financial Independence Podcast” by The Mad Fientist, in which the host interviews all sorts of people who has one thing in common: They are all financially independent.

Another podcast that grabbed my attention this week is a podcast called “A Sustainable Mind”. This podcast is all about sustainable living and the host, an environmental sciences graduate student, interviews a slew of different people about their version of sustainable living.

That’s all for this Monday’s Fitbit update. Have a great one!


PS: You might have wondered why I go grocery shopping as often as I do. The case is that we right now live in a college building in a room with a teeny tiny fridge and an even smaller freezer, which means that room for food storage is quite spare. However, this should change February 1st when we move to a real apartment with a proper kitchen. Yay!

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