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Fitbit update, week 2


It is Monday again and thereby it is time for another update on my recent walking activities. So without further ado (insert drum roll), I hereby present to you last week’s data:

Monday: I was brought down by a cold and thus spend almost the entire day in bed. Total number of steps: 126

Tuesday: Felt better. Doing laundry (in the basement) earned me 1,400 steps. Walking to the nearby grocery store and going for a stroll in the park while talking on the phone added another 7,700 or so steps my daily count. Total number of steps: 9,147

Wednesday: Felt pooped again. Spent most of the day inside puttering around and working on a couple of sewing projects. Managed to go out for a short walk in the afternoon. Total number of steps: 3,878

Thursday: Felt a lot better. Started my day with a walk to the cheap grocery store a couple of kilometers away instead of going to the more expensive one around the corner, which gained me 5,400 steps. A second walk in the afternoon added another 3,900 steps and the taking garbage to the garbage room in the basement of our building earned me 463 steps more. Total number of steps: 10,468

Friday: Took a detour through the park when going to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items: 4,900 steps. A late evening snack run to the nearby grocery store resulted in approximately 2,000 more steps. Total number of steps: 6,974

Saturday: A walk in the park with Mr. Magic after breakfast earned me 3,200 steps and walking back and forth from the metro stop to a restaurant in the evening added another 5,300 steps. Total number of steps: 8,619

Sunday: Feeling extremely lazy and just wanted to hang around inside and browse the internet. Did, however, go for a short walk in the park. Total number of steps: 5,632

Total number of steps this week: 44,844

Total distance walked: 32.25 km

I have far from reached 10,000 steps a day during the past week and some days involved a lot less movement than others. However, I can feel the habit of walking slowly becoming a more natural part of my day. The few days when I’ve reached the 10,000 steps goal I’ve felt really accomplished and proud of myself and I’ve found that taking action in this area of my life somehow makes it easier to take action in some of the other areas of my life as well.

Lessons learned this week: The most important lesson I’ll take with me as I venture onwards is that I find it a lot easier to implement a lot of walking in my day if I go for two or three shorter walks than if I try to complete all the 10,000 steps during one long walk. Indeed, a long walk can be nice now and then, but on the days when I’d rather stay inside than go for a walk I find that the chance of me getting my butt off the chair/bed/where ever I’m chilling out that day increases drastically if I tell myself that it is okay to just go for a short walk. Sometimes this short walk then makes me want to go for another walk later in the day (and other times it doesn’t), but the point of it all is that the more I lower the barrier for what is “good enough”, the higher the probability of me actually taking action increases.     

One thing that helps me get myself out the door is to put on my headphones and listen to podcasts on the go. I love podcasts as a free and inspiring way to learn new things. By listening to them when I’m out and about I can satisfy my craving for new knowledge while moving my body. Win!

This week I’ve spend most of my walking time listening to the podcast “Optimal Finance Daily”, in which the podcast host reads aloud posts from different personal finance blogs. Many of these blogs are blogs that I’m already reading regularly, and since reading interesting stuff online is what often causes me to stay indoors and leading a rather sedentary life, I was delighted to discover this podcast.

That is it for now. I will be back next Monday with another update.

Have a great Monday!


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