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Fitbit update, week 1

It’s now been one week since I started wearing my Fitbit Zip and I promised to write an update here at the site and tell you how I’ve been doing. Here’s the data from the past week:

Monday: 8,094 steps

Tuesday: 4,446 steps

Wednesday: 10,263 steps

Thursday: 8,439 steps

Friday: 6,464 steps

Saturday: 5,198 steps

Sunday:10,768 steps

That’s a total of 53,672 steps, or roughly 38.16 km (according to my Fitbit)! Not bad at all, if I must say so myself.

In last week’s post I wrote that I wanted to use the week to determine my baseline level of movement. However, I quickly realized that the data were going to be misleading since wearing the Fitbit in at of itself has caused me move around quite a bit more than I usually do. I’ve been a lot more inclined than usual to get up walk around during phone conversations and tedious chores such as doing the laundry (in the basement of our building) and taking out the trash have suddenly become opportunities to gain some extra steps. Yesterday I got stubborn and walked around and around in our nearby park until the Fitbit said 10,000 steps. Normally I would have stayed inside to drink tea and read interesting stuff online while watching the rain outside through the window.

I don’t know if I will continue to get so motivated by seeing the number of steps on the screen increase, but for now I’m very pleased to have initiated a daily habit of walking in spite of the weather being mostly grey and rainy.   

To hold myself accountable I will make it a weekly habit to post my number on steps here on my site.

See you again soon.


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