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Happy New Year!

After a long Christmas vacation spend visiting friends and family I’m back home with mixed feelings. I’m a little sad that it’s no longer Christmas but at the same time I’m eager to have the chance to turn the page and start this new year in a good way. One of my most important goals for 2017 is to take good care of myself, and one of the ways I would like to do this is to get more movement into my life.

To help myself move more, I put a Fitbit Zip on my 2016 Christmas wish list. The Fitbit Zip is a small device that can be slipped into a pocket and measure all the steps I take during a day. I was lucky to receive some money for Christmas and immediately purchased one online that waited for me in the mailbox yesterday when I came home. I put it in my pocket this morning as soon as I got out of bed and I find it quite interesting to check in with it during the day and see how many steps I’ve taken. My plan is to start out by monitoring my activity levels during the next seven days, just to get an idea of how much or how little I’m walking during a normal week. After then, I will begin to experiment with habits that will increase the amount of steps I take during the day. My goal is to build up a walking habit so that I will eventually walk 10,000 steps per day. The number is a bit arbitrary to me but for now I’ll roll with it. To help motivate myself further I will post my daily amount of steps here at my website next Monday, and then we’ll take it from there.

Have a great Monday! 

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