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The day I realized that I’m in charge – a post about minimalism

During the past few years I have become more and more interested in life style design, namely in the subjects of minimalism, personal finance, and sustainable living. I stumbled across the concept of minimalism on the site Becoming Minimalist where I read a blog post in which the author Joshua Becker describes how he reduced the number of belts in his closet. The circumstances that led me to discover this particular blog post amidst a sea of other information on the internet, I do not recall. I just know that something in that post spoke to me.

Up until the day I read that post I had always assumed that life must inevitably unfold in a way that leaves you with more and more possessions, which in turn forces you to move to larger and larger homes every time you relocate, and although one of my greatest fears in life is to simply be swept along by random coincidences without any power to impact the direction in which I am going, I had unconsciously settled for this way of living in a number of areas in my life. I can see that now. I can also see that this is exactly why I felt instantly drawn to minimalism.

For me, minimalism is not about getting rid of so much stuff that I’m able to carry all my belongings with me in my suitcase; rather it is about opening my eyes and actively engaging with the way I live my life on a day to day and basis. It is also about getting to know myself better and finding out what I value in life, so that I can make small (or even just tiny) tweaks and adjustments in the way I do things in order to live my life as much in alignment with my values as possible. On the surface this might not look like much but for me it means everything. I no longer feel like I’m adrift and living my life according to some set of predefined norms and values that are not mine. I feel free and in control. And that feels absolutely awesome.

Maybe you who are reading this will be able to find something on my site that inspires you in the same way that Joshua Becker’s post inspired me. I would love that. No matter what, do go check out his website, which is quite nice. The link to the epic belt post is written below.


  1. Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

    • admin admin

      Thank you, I will. I’m glad you liked it.

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